Menu Ideas

Menus are custom-designed to you and your party. But, here are some popular items:

~ Stationary Boards & Stations ~

“The New England”

Award-winning Curried Clam Chowder * Mini Lobster Roll Sliders, Canape’ or Puffs

“The Farmhouse”

Local Artisan Cheeses (Typically Soft/Medium/Hard) * Assorted Salumis  * Pickled & Fresh Veggies * Country Pate’ * Chutney * Crostinis

“Dueling Hummus”

Two different (scratch-made) Hummus’s * Crudite of Vegetables * Olives * Pita Chips or Torn Naan * Pickled Grapes


Olives * Caponata * Grassinis & Crostinis * Marinated Cippolinis

* Marinated Mushrooms * Roasted Marinated Tomatoes * Sweet Onion Jam * Parsley Salad

“Ham & Cheese “

Leg of Country Ham, Prosciutto Di Parma or Americano Prosciutto * Imported Sharp Provolone

(Chef Manned Carving Station or DIY) * Tuscan Breads & Herb infused Olive Oil

“Nacho Table”

Assorted Flour & Corn Chips * Assorted Salsas * Black & White Bean Hummus

* Pickled Watermelon and Jalapeños

“Mac & Cheese”

Chef Manned Station (or not) * Basic Mac & Cheese and your guests can customize there own with items like;

Rendered Pancetta * English Pea * Pulled Rabbit/Pork/Chicken/Short Rib/Duck * Broccolini * Asparagus Etc.

“DIY Smores Station”

Build and Roast your own Smores!

“Salad Table”

Great for Stations and Buffets. Can serve as your vegetable choice and/or vegetarian option.Choose from a wide selection of Greens, Grains, Beans and Pasta Salads. 


Shredded Brussels Salad with Bacon and Chipped Parm, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Beet Salad, Curry Coconut Quinoa, Baby Kale Salad, Two Potato Salad, Caprese/Panzanella Salad, Chilled Seasonal Balasamic Veggies, Antipasti, Etc……and more


~ Passed Appetizers ~


~ Soups Hot*Chilled* Bowl* Shooter ~


~ Salads ~


~ Entree Ideas ~

Tandoori Chicken, Brick Chicken, Herb Grilled Statler-Cut Chicken, Drunk Chicken, Peking Style, Korean BBQ, Thai, etc…..

Skirt/Hanger/Tri Tip/Sirloin/Tenderloin Steak, Canons of Aged NY Strip, any Cut and Flavor…..Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, etc.

In-House Butchery!

Marinated Grilled Swordfish, Basil & Honey Laquered Salmon  Seared Tuna, Day Boat Scallops, Monk Fish, Marinated Cusk, Cod, Salmon, and Fresh Water Fish

Shellfish……Off the docks and out of the hands of our friends!

Game: Rabbit, Duck, Game Birds, Deer, Boar…….

Gourmet Burger Bars, Hot Dogs and House Made Sausages of all kinds……

House Made Pastas……

Authentic Italian……

New England Paella (all local Monk Fish, Bang Island Mussels, Maine Shrimp, Lobster and Jonah Crab with a Tomato & Saffroned Broth, Jasmine Rice and Veggies) ………….

Portable Deli Counters, Picnics…..

Sushi Bar, Raw Bar, Oyster Bar………………..


Serve direct from the Grill! Build your own! We grill it, you create it from a spread of toppings and condiments!

Pig and other Animal Roasts…….Local, sustainably raised animals………

Vegetarian Options;

Wild Rice Stuffed Roasted Carnival Eggplant, Tofu Agrodolce, Tempeh, Roasted Veggie Napoleon, Vegggie Burgers….

Vegan and Raw available as well.

~ Desserts ~

Many Funky Cookies, Brownies, Pastries, Flans, Panna Cotta, Cupcakes, Canolis, Whoopies, Bars, Pies, Cupcakes, Floats, House Made Ice Cream, Semi Fredos, Soberttos, and more…..

We dont do cakes…sorry.


Pre-Ceremony Aparitif of Country Tea

Stationary Farmers Board during Cocktail Hour:

Brie en Croute with Red Onion Jam * Assorted Salumis * Fresh & Pickled Veggetables * White Bean Hummus * Fruit * Olives * Torn Naan

Passed Appetizers

Grilled & Chilled Shrimp * Watermelon Gazpaho Shooter

Mini Korean BBQ Pulled Chicken Tacos * 3 Pea Slaw

Sasparilla Braised Short Rib on local Chevre Polenta Canape * Onion Crisps

Mini Cheese Areapa * Smoked Paprika Aioli * Salsa Fresca

 Salad (On Table Family Style)

House Baby Greens Salad * Heirloom Tomato * Carrot * Shaved Red Onion * Potato Gaufrette * Roasted Pepitas * English Cucumber * Shallot & Champagne Vinaigrette

Baby Kale Slaw * Bell Pepper * Snap Pea * Sesame & Citrus Vinaigrette * Carrot

Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad


Marinated Grilled Hanger Steak * Chimmichuri Sauce

Tandoori Style Statler-Cut Chicken

Smashed Fingerlings with Cheddar * Scallion * Sour Cream

Marinated Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Crusty House Made Breads * Herb Whipped Butter or Infused Olive Oil

Coffee * Tea Service

Rough Estimated Cost for 150 Guests:

$51 per person food * $1900 labor * + tax and Gratuity

*This is just a smaple menu, seasonal costs, number of guests, style of service, and item changes will affect the costing